Michelle Barnes

Partner | Certified Market Analyst 

Director of Research and Project Management

Michelle is a Certified Market Analyst and directs the MMA, Inc. research and support teams. With 29 years’ experience in market studies, commercial real estate, and commercial appraisal work, Michelle is a specialist at discovering market intelligence and identifying existing and emerging trends. 

Michelle manages our project portfolio and conducts research for comprehensive studies on market feasibility, MAP, special-needs housing, market rate housing, LIHTC, and rural development housing using her expertise on platforms as varied as Claritas/Ribbon Demographics®, esri™, ArcGIS®, Maptitude®, additional GIS platforms, U.S. Census™, and Narrative-1®

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communications from Purdue University and has completed extensive master’s level coursework in Library and Information Science.