Dr. JoAnna M. Brown

Partner | Senior Market Analyst | Doctorate in Regional Development Planning

Dr. Brown is a Senior Analyst at Mitchell Market Analysts, Inc. She is also the President and CEO of JoAnna M. Brown & Associates and Senior Research Fellow with Sagamore Institute for Policy Research. 

JoAnna’s honed her expertise in urban planning and community development through extensive education and experience. Having earned her Master of Community Planning and doctoral degree in Regional Development Planning at the University of Cincinnati, she has over 16 years’ experience guiding both non-profit organizations and local and regional governments in housing, community development and planning, and transportation planning.

As a Senior Housing Planner, she collaborated with local jurisdictions, community stakeholders, and non-profit and private housing developers on the development of workforce housing plans for inner-ring suburban communities. Further, she served as the Community Development Director for the City of Silverton, Ohio. Joanna has taught as an Adjunct Professor at Butler University's Political Science Department, the University of Cincinnati's Urban Planning Department, and Northern Kentucky University’s Department of Public Administration. 

Additionally, Dr. Brown holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and Policy from Northern Kentucky University’s Department of Political Science and a Bachelor of Urban Planning from the University of Cincinnati.


Sagamore Institute, Senior Research Fellow

Greater Indianapolis Habitat CHDO, Board Member

Forum Bank Business, Advisory Board Member

Martindale Brightwood CDC, Housing and Development Consultant

Prosperity Indiana, Consultant/Partner

Indiana Housing Conference, 2019 Featuring Opening Plenary Speaker

Greater Indianapolis Habitat for Humanity, Board of Advisors, 2020 - present

Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana, Board Member, 2020 - Present